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Girls Gone Abroad - The Traveling Trio

Girls Gone Abroad.

We are three girls (women) who believe in hoarding experiences and not things. We’ve gone abroad more than a few times, sometimes solo, sometimes as a trio. We created this space to share our stories, travel tips and advice like many bloggers. We have no idea which heels to wear while in Rome or what is the best make-up advice for the Amazon. We will save that for the experts! We’re simply just three good friends who each have a different reason for traveling who decided to share our journeys.

Meet your the Girls Gone Abroad team.

Meet Alicia

Alicia – My name is Alicia and I love traveling the world, especially the big outdoors. Having grown up in Atlanta, Georgia, the extent of my adolescent travels included beach trips to the pristine waters of the Gulf of Mexico and visiting family in Cajun country Louisiana. It was my quest to learn more about my family’s French ancestry that led to my passion for traveling. After my college study abroad years in Lyon, France and the manyAlicia camping

 countries I visited, my entire world opened up. My passion for languages and discovering different cultures never dims, driving me to discover more. Welcome to our journey…..

Meet CaSandra

Girls Gone Abroad - CaSandra
That’s me! Favorite city – Istanbul.

CaSandra – My name is CaSandra and I have loved this travel “thing” ever since PanAm gave me wings for flying solo at the age of 7 something. Around that same young age, my creative writing would win me an occasional cheeseburger. Creating a travel blog with 2 of my closest friends just seems…well…natural. I’m not really looking for cheeseburgers, though. The reward is knowing that someone found a tip helpful, enjoyed a story or got a good laugh or maybe encouraged someone to pursue a dream, be it a life of travel or something else.

CaSandra Signature

Meet Michelle

Michelle Le – I grew up in a small southern U.S. town and remember dreaming of the day I would be able to leave and go to one of those colorful liberal cities I would see on television. As an 80’s child, it wasn’t cool to be Asian or gay back then and downright dangerous if you accidentally walked into the wrong crowd so I lived vicariously through any show that depicted a different world and knew that I wanted to experience it. But as life has a way of doing things, it flipped my world upside down in my 20’s when I received a potentially fatal bill of health. Thankfully, I was able to overcome it and realized that all the excuses that had kept me from simply taking a vacation – money, responsibilities, time etc. – were all so futile and if seeing the world is what I wanted to do, then I’m going to do it.

Hang gliding in Rio

Currently, I’m a Program Manager at an international digital agency and have visited 29 (Michelle needs to update this!!) countries, six continents and 300+ cities in the last handful of years. I travel to eat new cuisines, learn about cultures and open my mind to global perspectives. I hope our experiences will encourage you to create your own across this planet.

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